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    MATLAB Online Installation Guide

    MATLAB Online is a cloud-based software, so there's no actual "installation" to be done on your computer. However, you still need to create a MathWorks account and request a license from Cal Poly to use the program. Follow the guide below to get it set up.

    1. Go to MathWorks Account Creation page to create MathWorks Account.


    2. Open a new tab or window to log in to your Cal Poly Portal. Keep MahtWorks page open; you'll need it later.


    3. Open 'Technical Service Request' under 'My Apps.'


    4. Click on 'New Software Request' tab.


    5. Under 'Software Selection' section, fill in 'Software Title' as "MATLAB." when auto-complete populates, select 'MATLAB Online.'


    6. Selecting MATLAB online should populate rest of the fields. Once everything is loaded, scroll down to the bottom of the page to accept the Licensing Agreements. Then, select 'Download' for 'Method of Checkout,' and click on 'Serial & Download Info' to the right.


    7. You should now have the 'Activation Code.' Select it, and copy to clipboard (right click the selection, then 'Copy,' or Ctrl/ + C on your keyboard).


    8. Go back to the MathWorks page we left open earlier, click on your name at the top right corner, and click 'Associate License.'

    9. Paste the activation code you copied earlier (right click on the text field, then 'Paste,' or Ctrl/ + V on your keyboard), and hit 'Associate License.'


    10. Almost done ... now navigate to https://matlab.mathworks.com/, sign in with your MathWorks account, and you're ready to go!

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